Motorized Trailer Dolly

With our trailers getting heavier, and us getting older, it has become quite the feat of strength to move a 7000lb+ trailer around the yard, necessitated by the fact that we have to push all 8'4" wide of it through a 9 foot opening to get to the rear of our yard where it is stored. Presented is a motorized trailer dolly which can literally "turn on a dime" allowing easy ins and outs from the yard.

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Figment: Our Grand Design 2800BH

Early 2017, we received our brand-new Grand Design 2800BH travel trailer, Figment (as is "Figment of the Imagination" from the original Disney ride). This page outlines the changes we've made to customize the unit and make it truly ours including the addition of doors and drawers, organization of storage spaces, etc.

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RV Fan Speed Controller

Presented is an analog fan speed controller for an RV air conditioner. The controller, entirely analog and built using discrete components, is designed to slow the speed of the blower motor to reduce noise and increase dehumidification.

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