Professor Mark Csele
Imagine 2800BH

Figment: Our Grand Design 2800BH

In 2017 we made the upgrade from our 2008 RVision travel trailer to a Grand Design 2800BH. The unit is comfortable, spacious, and quite luxurious but still many spaces within it are not suited for us. The rear bunks, for example, fold up for bike storage which is just not useful for us and other spaces were left open by the manufacturer. We modified the unit when it was new, even before our first trip in it, to suit our needs.


Drawers and Spaces

The space under the bed was one of the first to change. Two angled drawers were built to fit in the space under the lower bunk.  The space behind those drawers is still accessible via the hinged plywood that is the base of the bunk – the original thought was to have that space attach to the outdoor kitchen which would be used as storage however when we used the kitchen a few times on our first trip we realized we wanted to keep it intact.

Photo Gallery

Next, the manufacturer left several spaces open including a large cavity behind the TV and two shelves under the counter in the bathroom. Rail/stile doors were built from domestic black cherry wood with mahogany lauan panels to cover these open areas.

The area behind the TV was quite large and almost 36 inches in depth. It was divided into two areas, one accessible via a new door behind the TV and one accessible via a door and face frame made for the side opening.

Photo Gallery

Modifications we’ve made include:

  • Drawers under the rear bunks
  • Doors on the cavity behind the TV and the shelves under the counter in the bathroom
  • Dish and appliance holders in the cupboards
  • Drawers under the queen bed in front
  • Towel and toothbrush holders in the bathroom
  • Sewer pipe holders under the unit
  • A wireless backup camera that ties into the tow vehicles rear-view display providing an observation view behind the trailer while towing