Professor Mark Csele

Upstairs Bathroom

My most recent woodworking project was renovating the upstair bathroom, the very last room in the house that was essentially original from the time we moved-in. The centerpiece is a custom-built oak vanity featuring a solid oak front and raised-panel doors, all built in the workshop. The photos below outline the entire renovation process.

The Process

Demolition & Prep
Cabinet Installed
Cabinet Completion
Cabinet Details
Medicine Cabinet

These cabinets were the prototype of those used in the bathroom vanity project and sit in the den above the freezer. Using the same construction technique as the vanity, the front was assembled as one unit using pocket screws and simply attached to a cabinet built for the rear. Doors are all real raised-panel built from pine (much cheaper and easier to work-with than the oak used for the vanity above – also easier of the cutters!). I was pleased with the results and it did prove the viability of building both my own doors as well as the technique of preassambling the front of the cabinet first.