Professor Mark Csele

Weird Science

I was asked to help with a video for the police services video unit to used for training officers in electrical safety issues – for example how to deal with situations involving fallen wires.

Here’s a few shots from the video. 

The script required a chicken to be fried with electricity … a difficult feat unless you’ve got a LOT of current available. The producers of the video contacted the utility and were told it couldn’t be done so I was contacted next. In this case, the chicken was fried with three-phase 208 Volt AC in our laser lab. That lab has it’s own transformer and safety shut-off switches allowing a ‘safe’ demonstration Don’t try this at home, even if you have 200 Amp, three-phase, 208 volt service. It’s dangerous, and besides, it smells REALLY BAD – so much so that the class in the room adjacent the lab was ‘affected’ (I feel like a guy on Mythbusters saying that. 

Finally, another segment required the similar treatment of a hot dog. Again, a high current was used causing the weiner to heat and split as seen here.

In the end, the video made a graphic demonstration of what electricity can do to flesh with the hope the viewer has newfound respect for it. That chicken was fried with 208 volts … most power lines are between 1 and 15 thousand

Weird Science, for a good cause!